I’ve been using SNAPnSAVE for a while and just from buying the things that I would have bought in anyway I managed to save R160. It’s not going to make you rich, but it is nice to spoil yourself the next time you go shopping without feeling guilty.

In just 9 months, SNAPnSAVE, a Cape Town based start-up, has grown to become South Africa’s #1 cash back shopping app, with over 130,000 happy users.

So what’s all the fuss about? SNAPnSAVE, gives shoppers cash back on everyday shopping items, simply for snapping their till slip. That’s it.

So far, the little start-up that could has paid over R500,000 cash back, with some SNAPnSAVE users already racking up R2000 in savings. That’s cold hard cash, not points, just for shopping the way they normally would.

What’s even more impressive is that SNAPnSAVE has gained such rapid success organically without massive marketing campaigns, unlike some of the country’s best well known loyalty programmes.

The success of SNAPnSAVE can be attributed to its simplicity. Users purchase featured items from any major retailer and then get cash back by snapping a photo of their till slip. It’s that easy.

The success of the Cape Town based start-up is a testament that South Africans are looking for ways to help ease the burden on already overstretched wallets. Mark Bradshaw, SnapnSave CEO says “mobile coupons are booming in South Africa. Unlike some of the big loyalty programmes, the benefit with SnapnSave is that shoppers can save no matter where they shop”.

SnapnSave has been ranked the #1 shopping app in the Apple store and the #1 lifestyle app in google playstore. Having received 800+ five star reviews, one happy ‘Snapper’, stated “Awesome appness! Brilliant that it puts money back into your pocket after doing your basic grocery shopping – So easy to use, simple process to save lots of bucks on every day and other items. Well done to the SnapnSave team.”

At the end of each month when debit orders are flying out of bank accounts, SNAPnSAVE tries to ease the burden with their ‘Money Makers’, a list of goods paying up to 70% cashback. This feature has become so popular that happy snappers are often asking in advance what products will be featured and even suggesting their own.

Sign up for SNAPnSAVE with the code CASHBACK and automatically get R10 credited to your wallet.